I am a long time resident, homeowner, and Garden store owner in Marblehead Massachusetts. An unpredictable coastal climate and tight quarters can take a toll on our trees. Having caring and knowledgeable Arborists in the area is a must. I have a very small property with a unique mix of trees. Ranging from wild natural, specimen trees, to fruit trees...and many ornamental. I met Steven Murphy a few years ago. His enthusiasm and passion for trees and keeping them happy and healthy was refreshing. I was in desperate need of help for my beloved leafy friends. Steven has been maintaining the trees on my property for about two years now. He has had to battle weather damage, pest damage, human damage... aka bad pruning, and very tight quarters. He takes on each challenge my unruly forest patch throws at him with extreme care and meticulous attention. Making sure to always do what is right for the trees and still keep me, the homeowner happy. Steven takes the time to discuss what is in the best health interest of the trees while still accommodating picky garden aesthetics. I am a very happy customer , as are the neighbors. We need more people like Steven looking after our planets endangered life supporters!
— Krissy Regan

You have provided tree pruning and general maintenance work on many of our trees and shrubs over the past two years. Your knowledge of the proper care and attention necessary to our plants and trees has been of great help to me and in the process has served to enhance the cosmetic look and health of our collection.

Your work has included climbing high into several specimens and performing first rate pruning which has improved incoming light and visibility. You have tackled each requested assignment with enthusiasm and professionalism and I have no hesitation to recommend you to anyone who might have similar needs to mine.
— John Weeks