The highest quality of tree care for healthy and aesthetically pleasing trees not provided by most larger companies.



Over 20 years experience in all aspects of the tree care industry. Active Member of the International Society of Arboriculture.



Larger Tree companies have no desire or time to add artistic pruning styles or techniques into their work. I focus on bringing out the true and natural beauty of each and every tree or shrub I work on. 


Health & Longevity

Whether it's corrective or seasonally appropriate pruning, I am focused on providing the special care that each tree species needs to stay healthy and vibrant.

Large Variety Trees


 The utmost attention to detail was provided in this Linden "Tilia" tree. The goal was to ensure that the entire canopy was pruned properly. By pruning according to very specific standards, we can greatly reduce the tree's "sail" effect. This lessens the chances of failure in high winds or heavy snow. It also brings out the full potential of this species and its natural limb structure.





Corrective Pruning


 Blue Atlas Cedar "Cedrus atlantica." In most cases, the reason corrective pruning is needed is due to either improper pruning, snow damage or poor placement. Not only was this tree able to be corrected with proper pruning, it now adds a more desired aesthetic value to this property.





Ornamental Trees


Smaller or "ornamental" trees can be pruned in ways that not only keep them structurally sound, but add beauty and value to properties. These trees require a specific level of care and attention to achieve their utmost potential.